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My name is Lisa Helldén and I am a certified MediYoga Instructor, both in the US and in Sweden. I have basic skills in Anatomy and Physiology, equivalent to 100 hours of study. I hold MediYoga classes both online and live, and on “one on one” basis if needed.

MediYoga is a combination of medicine and yoga, a therapeutic form. MediYoga is the yoga form used in Swedish health care today, as well as in health care in other countries. A lot of research has been done on this yoga form with very good results in working on back problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, stress, anxiety, headache, and migraine – to mention a few. This is a yoga form available to everyone. It can be done sitting on a chair or laying down, as well as sitting on the floor in easy pose. Read more about MediYoga on the website:

I also work as a training instructor, holding classes both outdoors and indoors, where we use our own body as weight. We work out in a “Tabata”-manner, meaning we work for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds, and so on for 8 rounds. We then switch over to the next exercise, doing in total 8 different exercises which gives a total work out time of about 1 hour, including warm up and stretching afterwards. We focus on movement, strength, and our postural muscles. Alternatives to the different exercises are given so that everybody can participate – you listen to your body and do the different exercises from your own ability.

Your wellbeing starts with movement. To bring movement to your body should be a positive experience. Find something that you like to do – as long as it involves movement.

Find your Power Within!

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